Thank you to those who have applied, recruitment is now closed.


Aerodynamics and Composites

Aerodynamics and Composites involves the designing and manufacturing of the cars bodywork, aerodynamic elements, and any other carbon fibre work. It also involves optimising the cars cooling ability, where we work with the rest of the team to reach the requirements needed. This year’s goal is to redesign and manufacture the Bodywork for HWR-12 which will set a system for bodywork design in the future, allowing us to put more time and resources into more ambitious areas of aerodynamics and composites. Furthermore, we plan to be involved with Vehicle Dynamics to help set the requirements for HWR-13’s Aero package before we start to design it.

Chassis and Suspension

Any car that HWRacing produces starts with the chassis and suspension, with this subsystem being one of the most critical to the overall vehicle success. Joining this department will allow you to apply your knowledge into designing, building, and racing the HWR Formula Student car. You will be responsible for the creation of components within the chassis and suspension subsystem, allowing for your imagination to run wild – creating components to a design specification.


The driveline department involves everything that transfers power and torque from the motor to the wheels of the car. We work on the driveshaft, differential, axles, and joints to ensure they are ready and working because without them the car wouldn't be able to run. Driveline's goals for this year are to analyse, validate, and test our current driveline system for HW-12 and then start development on HW-13.

Electrical Systems

The Electrical systems department deals with all the low-voltage electrical systems on the car, like the battery management system, driver display and wiring harness. These systems are all designed and built by us and involve lots of system critical work towards the car. Working in electrical will give you unparalleled experience in electronics design, manufacturing, and testing.

Mechanical Systems

The Mechanical Systems department primarily deals with the components of the car that the driver will directly interact with, like the steering, brakes, pedals, seat, firewall and floor. We also work with the wheels and tyres as well as the impact attenuator, the structure that crumples in the event of a crash to protect the driver.


The Powertrain department focuses on the accumulator, motor controller and any other high voltage components. The department combines electrical engineering with mechanical engineering with a dash of aerodynamics and thermodynamics for cooling.


The software department at HWRacing is responsible for various software projects, both embedded and applications. Our focus is our Vehicle Control Unit, the main computer on the car which is programmed in Simulink (a graphical programming language related to MATLAB). We also write safety-critical embedded software in C/C++ and use the CAN Calibration Protocol to calibrate our VCU and embedded software using custom software written in Python. We run a full software development pipeline including version control via GitHub and regular code reviews. You will get experience in writing clean, maintainable code which is then thoroughly tested and get to use some specialized hardware you won't be able to use outside of an environment like this. No prior knowledge is required as we will teach you everything you need to know.

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics uses classical mechanics to define a vehicle. We use simulation tools to help with the designing the car such as braking, drivetrain, suspension and steering, distribution of mass and tyres. This years goals will be to test and optimize the already designed HWR12 and to lead the design of the HWR13 car.

Media and Branding

The media and branding team is responsible for our social media, branding, and general appearance. You will be creating social media posts, recording footage, and making sure that we put our best side out to the world.

Outreach and Marketing

The outreach and marketing team helps get the word out about HWRacing, formula student, and engineering in general.This team organises events with local schools, arranges talks with new students, and is essential when recruiting comes around in September.